Fast, easy and affordable business payroll. Your job is to take care of your business and team. Our job is to help make payroll effortless.

Whether you’re looking to outsource payroll for the first time, or are thinking about switching from another payroll provider, Paycheck Inc helps make payroll for small businesses easy and fast — just as it should be. And with our integrated HR functionality, managing your employees will be just as simple. With our experts by your side, you’ll be free to make your business all it can be.

We make payroll processing convenient and easy for small businesses by letting you give us your data the way that works for you, whether that’s online, phone, fax or email. In addition, we will also deliver your completed payroll to your place of business if needed.

Corby Wester, one of our payroll specialists

And although we’re happy to accommodate clients that are comfortable with tried-and-true methods of payroll processing, rest assured that we consistently invest in the latest payroll technology so that our clients that want as much electronic convenience as possible are also completely satisfied. If you’re concerned about reliability, we are acutely aware that your payroll provider needs to be 100% reliable, timely and accurate, and that’s why we have an experienced, dedicated team for payroll processing here.

If you’re concerned about security (and who isn’t these days), we adhere to the tough data security regulations required by federal compliance agencies.

Lastly, you never want to be caught off-guard by regulatory changes, so we monitor all applicable federal, state and local laws that might affect payroll at your business. We stay informed so that you can stay informed.

Also, with the ability to initiate a wide range of self-service actions, your employees can complete their new-hire onboarding, access and change their personal information, fill out tax forms, view payroll data, and much more.